Our Services

content_img7At SCB Public Finance, we’re dedicated to helping public officials educate, protect and improve the communities in which they live. We provide specialized, tax exempt lease-purchases only available to government entities. The lease-purchase program is a financing alternative to traditional loans, bonds, and internal funding.  It may be used to finance new or used equipment, infrastructure improvements, and new building construction or remodels.  There are no mileage or usage fees, no maintenance reporting or wear and tear clauses, and you can modify the equipment to fit your needs.  Since it’s a lease-purchase ownership passes immediately to the borrower and at the end of the term the product has a final purchase price of $1.  Payment schedules are set up to meet the cash flow needs of the borrower.  Interest rates are fixed over the life of the lease and the rates are competitive with bond financing.  Approval and funding happen within a few days of receiving a request.

All leases are serviced and funded in house.  This gives flexible terms and lower interest rates by dealing with one source since multiple parties aren’t taking additional cuts for profit.  The majority of other leasing companies are brokers who the sell the leases off to investors. Investors dictate the rates and terms costing the borrower time and money.

SCB Public Finance also offers tax exempt financing products for:

  • Private Placement Bonds: water projects, roads improvements, sewage facilities
  • 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit: land, building, and equipment