Public Safety

Ambulance, Fire, Police

At SCB Public Finance, we understand reliable equipment is paramount to protecting the communities you serve. If a piece of safety equipment or vehicles goes out of service, you cannot wait for weeks trying to obtain financing to replace it. SCB Public Finance’s low-interest, lease-purchases are a quick and easy alternative source of funding.  Public safety vehicles can have accessories added and customized to fit the department’s needs all under one lease payment.  New building construction or remodels can also be lease to preserve cash.

SCB Public Finance offers tax-exempt lease purchases for a variety of public safety equipment including:

  • Fire Trucks
  • Ambulances
  • Police Cars
  • Support Vehicles
  • Specialty Trailers
  • Computers and Technology Improvements
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Personal Rescue Equipment
  • Life Support Equipment
  • Personal Safety Equipment
  • New Building Construction
  • Building Remodels